Raku is a Japanese style of pottery dating back to the 16th century.  It was originally developed for the Emperor of Japan for a special tea ceremony. This type of pot is thrown with a specific type of Raku clay designed to withstand the grueling temperatures it endures. Once a pot is created it is glazed in a specific Raku glaze and fired to a temperature of 1750 degrees. It is immediately placed in an oxygen reduction chamber (a trash can lined with crumpled newspaper (make that a metal trash can!). The newspaper immediately catches fire and the can is covered, robbing the pot of oxygen.
The result is an attractive blending of iridescent colors with a unique finish.

I use two types of Raku glaze:
Blue Magic: This glaze has a slightly higher lead content which leaves the pot with a smooth, glasslike  finish with radiant colors
Iridescent: This glaze leaves the pot with the same radiant colors but with a slightly textured surface, similar to snake skin.